Expect the unexpected


Why does water always flow smoothly out of your taps?

Why does your car gleam with such a consistent surface?

Why do the pages of your newspaper always have the same thickness?

What makes this consistent quality possible is the high standard of both German engineering and German drive technology.

[KW] engineering is an international company specializing in coupling and drive systems. We develop and manufacture non-shiftable shaft couplings and customized solutions for all powered applications for use throughout the world. Its many years of experience in all relevant fields make [KW] engineering an ideal partner for all technical issues arising in the industry.

You won’t hear us …

Couplings are some of the machine components whose role and importance are frequently underestimated. For example, a typical theatre contains a large number of couplings and brakes, many of which work together as they move elaborate stage equipment in complete silence. Couplings in the TMG, TMT and TMS series are used in many theatres worldwide.

In the development, design, manufacture and quality assurance of non-shiftable, flexible and torsionally rigid couplings, apart from power transmission, many other parameters such as vibration damping, electrical insulation and suitability for specific temperature ranges are often decisive for the final result.

You won’t see us …

A cable-car carries people up a high mountain effortlessly. Meanwhile during a river cruise, the big lock gates and the machinery behind it are a source of admiration.

Take a closer look at the drive unit of the cable car or the locks and you may well discover TECMEN couplings. Safe, reliable, and only visible in the machine room, they continuously meet extremely high requirements.

… But you’ll be amazed!

The strengths of [KW] engineering/TECMEN couplings lie in the solutions provided. Implementing the increasingly tough challenges in powered systems calls for a high degree of expertise, experience and innovation.

Our consulting services and custom product manufacture based on these principles provide clients with substantial technical, economic and environmental benefits.

Coupling on large crane
Coupling for shaft displacement
Coupling with brake drum