TECMEN couplings in the TMG series

TMG coupling – 3d rendering
Exploded view showing the structure of a TMG coupling

Steel disc-pack coupling in modular system in 14 sizes with diameters from 40 mm to 345 mm; other sizes for all applications on request; hub–hub, hub–spacer–hub, hub–flange, flange–flange and standard attachments can all be combined in each size; maintenance-free; power transmission through flexible spring plates in double cardan arrangement

Physical and technical parameters

  • Torque (T) 160 Nm to 100,000 Nm
  • Speed (n) 30,000 to 2,000 min–1
  • Stiffness (C/T) approx. 150 to 300, primarily determined by the spacer
  • Permissible ambient temperature –40°C to +280°C

Manufacturing and material

  • Steel hub/flange, machined on all sides
  • Banks of springs made out of cold-rolled stainless steel

TECMEN couplings in the TMG series are used in turbo-compressors, turbines, printing presses, generators, pumps, chillers, mixers, fans, synchronous motors, machine tools and general engineering.


Download a brief profile of the TMG series, the API 671 standards (TMG couplings are always API 671 compliant), and details of shaft displacement capacity (PDF). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

The standard questionnaire on design of torsionally flexible couplings you can fill in as form for combustion engine as drive unit or for non combustion drive units or download as pdf. As an additional recommendation we hint on a neat conversion program that’s worth its weight in gold! (Thanks to Josh Madison.)

Assembled disc-pack coupling
Half-coupling with assembled discs
Assembled couplings in production
Coupling flange with disk pack and special bolts