TECMEN couplings in the TMZ series

TMZ coupling – 3d rendering
Exploded view showing the structure of a TMZ coupling

Gear coupling in a modular system in 21 sizes with diameters from 70 mm to 790 mm: double cardan, or double cardan with spacer or intermediate shaft, power transmission through grease-lubricated gear teeth

Physical and technical parameters

  • Torque (T) 1,800 Nm to 3,600,000 Nm
  • Speed (n) 20,000 to 530 min–1
  • Stiffness (C/T) approx. 150 to 200
  • Permissible ambient temperature –40°C to +120°C

Manufacturing and material

  • Forged steel hub/sleeve, machined on all sides
  • Milled teeth

TECMEN couplings in the TMZ series are used in turbo-compressors, straightening machines, pumps, mixers, mills, compressors, agitators, steel mill drives, machine tools and general engineering.


Download a brief profile of the TMZ series, details of shaft displacement capacity, a lubricant index, and a list of spindle gear couplings with high displacement capacity (PDF). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

The standard questionnaire on design of torsionally flexible couplings you can fill in as form for combustion engine as drive unit or for non combustion drive units or download as pdf. As an additional recommendation we hint on a neat conversion program that’s worth its weight in gold! (Thanks to Josh Madison.)

Couplings being assembled
Assembled gear couplings
Close-up of gearing
Spindle gear couplings for shaft displacement