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[KW] engineering is the ideal partner for all aspects of drive technology thanks to its years of experience. Our expert consulting ensures crucial technical, economic and environmental benefits for our clients.

We provide optimal solutions by means of analytical calculations, torsional vibration analysis and custom designs adapted to your individual requirements. Many years’ experience and a wide variety of customers in different fields make for precise needs analysis, rapid development, and fine-tuned products.

We also produce special designs in accordance with API 671, including the necessary engineering services, manufacturing and procurement of parts, and the installation of the system components on your premises.

Our strengths lie in sophisticated technical solutions enabling us to respond to the ever more demanding tasks and requirements as drive systems become more complex.

Technical drawing
From analysis and individual engineering …
Gear coupling production
… through complete production, …
Quality control
… quality control and monitoring …
Coupling ready for dispatch
… to delivery and installation on your premises, we're your ideal partner.